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Do You Need To Look Up Renters Insurance Statistics?

By Trevor Mulholland

Cautious people who are seriously thinking of signing up with specific insurance providers make it a point to research on those providers before making a commitment. Naturally, they would want to look up renters insurance statistics - how many people have signed up for insurance with this provider, how useful it has been for other people, etc. But this is not an easy task, as insurance statistics per se are hard to find.

If you've ever looked through the Web for facts and figures, you must already know this: disclosure of renters insurance statistics is not a popular activity among insurance providers. But you don't really need to scour the web for statistics, if you are confident in the reputation of your provider, and if you have a good idea how renters insurance could work for you.

Not many people pay renters insurance, thinking of it as a superfluous expense. But you may think of this sort of insurance as an extra layer of protection. Renting a home is not quite as secure as owning one, after all: there are many unforeseen expenses that may arise, especially in times of emergency. Accidents may occur that are not covered by your landlord's basic insurance for the building you are renting, or renting a room in.

The insurance paid by your landlord for the building you are renting only covers the infrastructure - it does not cover your possessions. Say you own some items that would be expensive and perhaps even emotionally difficult to lose - jewelry, expensive artwork, electronic hardware (such as computers, sound systems), guns, and other valuables. These items are not protected by basic insurance procedures, especially in case of fire, earthquake or theft. And this is where renters insurance comes in.

This kind of insurance could also help protect you from liability suits. Say that due to an accident, you damaged some of the valuables owned by the other tenants of your building. Liability charges may require you to shell out quite a bit of money. A good insurance policy for renters might be able to help shoulder some of the costs.

Renters insurance statistics might be able to help you with figuring out the cost of the premium. But if you go ahead and ask different providers for quotes, you should be able to accomplish this even without having statistics handy. You can request insurance quotes online by visiting the websites of your prospective providers, or you can request for one offline as well, by talking to certified agents. Get free quote comparisons at

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