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Free Online Renters Insurance Quotes - Compare Multiple Quotes & Save

By Trevor
Moving is a tedious task but it may just be the ideal time to acquire free online renters insurance quotes because moving involves making a checklist of your belongings. You are performing an inventory of your things without actually meaning to. However, getting settled in can be quite chaotic. A viable option is to acquire the renters insurance online. A simple search of the topic "renters insurance quote" in the Internet will yield a bevy of options to choose from. Most online insurance providers ask very minimal information. Since rates are based primarily on the location of the rented property, information such as the state and city code would be the first fields to be filled in when getting free online renters insurance quotes.

A good thing about a free online renters insurance quote is that it can be obtained anytime through the computer. It is more economical as it has done away with the services of an agent or a broker. The quotes obtained online are given on real time. One can also obtain a number of quotes from various online insurance providers to be able to compare rates. Before going online, it is best that one has made out a list of home contents as this information is also another basis for the quote. This will ensure that the policy-holder will be properly compensated for any losses incurred during a fire or a catastrophe. In some areas in the U.S., coverage for floods and earthquake is not included on the list of named perils. If the house is located in a flood- and earthquake-prone area, insurance providers require customers to purchase a separate policy or a rider with a separate premium.

Liability coverage is a basic component of most renters policies. With a mouse click, customers can choose a limit for liability coverage, which can be about 30 to 50 percent of the total amount of the policy. A policy of $100,000 means that the additional living expenses limit will be $30,000 to $50,000. With this limit, the insurer will continue paying while the home is being repaired after a loss or until the policy-holder has relocated to a new property.

Apart from location, the free online renters insurance quote is also based on other factors such as the policy deductible, the insurance provider and the coverage needed. A high deductible reduces the premium, but the deductible set by the policy-holder should be an amount that they can afford. Discounts are provided if the customer has invested on protective devices, including smoke and fire detectors, burglar alarms and fire extinguishers. Discounts are also offered to retirees and senior citizens. Insurance providers also give discounts and incentives if other insurance product lines are purchased along with the renters insurance. Get free quote comparisons at

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